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If you have not already done so, take the time to establish effective oral health care planning and guidelines to prevent tooth hazards from destroying your smile, not only this holiday season but for many more seasons to come. To help prevent tooth hazards from destroying your smile, it is important to be aware of risks that are present, such as the following:

– There are several products that can eat away at your tooth enamel due to acids within them.
– Biting and chewing your nails is an unhealthy habit often present in countless individuals that can easily lead to dental damage.
– Bad habits such as biting into inedible products such as pens, pencils, and pen caps greatly weaken your teeth and can potentially lead to chips and cracks.
– Be aware that products such as tea and coffee have been known to stain and yellow teeth.
– Avoid dangerous habits such a smoking, which can stain your teeth, lead to bad breath, and eventually lead to cancer and tooth loss.

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