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Did you know that you may be grinding your teeth and not even know it? The condition is known as bruxism and occurs unconsciously or while you are asleep. Thus, you could go years without knowing your teeth are being worn down by a hidden force within your mouth.

The fundamentals of diagnosing bruxism often come with spotting the warning signs that appear. For a list of warning signs concerning bruxism, consider this:

– Do your teeth display any signs of chips or cracks that cannot be explained or accounted for?

– Are you reeling from earache-like symptoms?

– Have you discovered an increase in tooth sensitivity or enamel wear?

– Have you witnessed a change in the appearance of your teeth?

– Does your tongue feel abnormal, or feature any strange markings?

– Have you seen or felt any tissue damage to your inner cheek tissue?

– Have you spotted or been told that you grind and gnash your teeth unconsciously or in your sleep?

– Have you felt any moments that your jaw cannot open or close as required, or to its fullest extent?

If you think you have bruxism, please call Ajey Varma so we can get you in to see Dr. Ajey Varma and our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in Tacoma, Washington, and we can be reached at 253-752-6915. We look forward to helping you protect your healthy smile!