Take the First Step to a Better Smile With a Bone Graft

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If you have missing or damaged teeth, you can strengthen your smile and boost its appearance with restorative dentistry. We offer a wide range of services from single tooth replacement to creating a full arch of teeth. For many patients, the first step to adding value back into their smiles is with a bone graft.

If your initial consultation reveals that you do not have enough bone density to support a dental restoration, our [dry_type] may need to perform a bone graft before he can place a dental implant. If the jawbone is too thin or fragile, it cannot support a healthy smile and will need to be treated first.

To restore your jawbone to full health, we graft bone material to the existing bone structure to increase its density and build up any areas that were lost as a result of disease or missing teeth. Dr. Ajey Varma can provide the grafting material from different sources, including bone from a tissue bank, synthetic bone, or even your own bone. The source we use will depend on your needs and preference. During the procedure, Dr. Ajey Varma will increase the height and width of the jawbone until it reaches the optimal density for your dental restoration.

The treated area will be left alone so that it can fuse together over the next few months. Once the fusion process is complete, your smile is ready to move on to the next step–receiving a dental implant.

We invite you to contact Dr. Ajey Varma and our team at 253-752-6915 today to learn more about the purpose of a bone graft and schedule your consultation visit at Ajey Varma.