Medications You Can Take for Dry Mouth

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Although xerostomia is sadly an incurable condition, appropriate maintenance can make it a less-difficult one. By making some tiny modifications to your diet, practicing solid dental hygiene habits and taking the guidance of Dr. Ajey Varma, you can manage dry mouth. Here are some things you should know about it.

There are two forms of medication Dr. Varma might recommend for caring for dry mouth. The first class of meds is saliva replacements, also defined as spit stand-ins or artificial spit. Spit substitutes are available over-the-counter at most pharmacies, and if Dr. Varma recommends you use one, follow the instructions as outlined on the product. The second class of meds is spit stimulants, and these medicines usually necessitate a prescription.

Xerostomia comes in some different varieties. On the less-developed side, xerostomia is referred to as subjective xerostomia when the condition is felt by patients but undetectable by doctors. Salivary gland dysfunction is the umbrella term utilized to refer to lots of different diseases where the salivary glands are not creating the sufficient amount of saliva. Both kinds of dry mouth can be treated in our office.

If you’re hurting from dry oral cavity, please know that this isn’t something you have to fix alone. Dr. Varma and the team at Ajey Varma in Tacoma, Washington, want to support you, and you need only call them at 253-752-6915 now for them to start helping you and your smile today!