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Are you suffering from sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that arises due to interrupted breathing patterns while sleeping. Whether you are suffering from sleep apnea due to blocked airflow or interrupted brain signals to your breathing muscles, it is important to have it treated immediately. If left untreated, it can lead to numerous ailments including strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Listed below are a few common risk factors for sleep apnea:

– Individuals who are male and over 40 are at an elevated risk for sleep apnea.
– Oral appliances can be given that can help shift and support your jaw to make sure your airway will remain open while you sleep.
– If you have been diagnosed with large tonsils, a large tongue, or a small jaw in relation to the rest of your face, you will be at a higher risk for sleep apnea.
– Oral health care devices known as CPAPs can be used to help people breathe while they sleep.
– Sleep apnea is often discovered in individuals who have a family history of the condition.
– Numerous issues and problems with your facial area can increase the risk for sleep apnea including a deviated septum, allergies, and sinus problems.
– For additional help, sleep apnea can be treated with various surgical procedures.
– Individuals who are overweight and obese are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea.
– To help prevent and treat sleep apnea, regulate your sleeping habits and avoid sleeping on your back.

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